Here's what Second Lieutenant Gavigan has to say about Syn-flex...

U.S. Marine Corps Triathlete Second Lieutenant William Gavigan

U.S. Marine Corps Triathlete
Second Lieutenant William Gavigan


U.S. Marine Corps Triathlete Second Lieutenant William Gavigan The Ironman (2.4 mile swim 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run) I'm doing is OCT 19th. I've started my distance training. Saturdays consist of 100 mile bike rides and a run while Sundays are 15+ mile runs and a 1 hour bike. Working out 20+ hours a week would cause, in the past, my knees to be very swollen after only 10 miles of running. I'd spend the afternoon icing and the next 2 days with "water on the knee", taking anti inflammatories just to bring it down. Since taking Syn-flex I have not had ONE pain or swollen joint. It's amazing. The performance of my training and racing have gone way up because I can put in the hard workouts that pay off on race day. The only down side is that there are no more excuses on why I can't perform.
How I use Syn-flex - On long training days I use the initial load amount, 1/2 oz. ( 6 hour workouts) I also use this amount after races due to the pounding on my body. On normal days or days off I take the suggested amount. On long rides I also put a serving into my fuel bottle (carbs and protein) for preventive maintenance.

I've used all kinds of joint complexes in the past but I know this is the best. I was skeptical when I saw the web page because it was marketed for older people, but being an avid label reader I knew it was the amount I needed. After trying it I was positive Syn-flex is the best.

Second Lieutenant Gavigan
Leader of Marines
All Marine Triathlete


In Memory of an American Hero

U.S. Marine Corps Triathlete Major Megan McClung

U.S. Marine Corps Triathlete Major Megan McClung


I am deeply saddened to report that Major Megan McClung lost her life in support of combat operations on December 6, 2006.

She was a great Marine and a highly-competitive athlete. Her standard was "excellence" in every sense of the word and in so many ways she defined it. In brief, the world has lost a shining star and she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

Megan.may you rest in peace.

Major Megan McClung
Leader of Marines
All Marine Female Triathlete


Here's what Olympian Tim Burke has to say about Syn-flex...

Olympic Biathlete Tim Burke

Olympic Biathlete Tim Burke


Olympic Biathlete Tim Burke Competing in biathlon (a Winter Olympic sport combining skiing and rifle marksmanship) involves one of the most rigorous training schedules of any sport. It is not uncommon to have training weeks consisting of over 25 hours. Although biathlon competitions can take over forty five minutes to complete they are often won and lost by tenths of seconds. This is why every minute that I train is so important to my success.

You can imagine my surprise when at the age of twenty I found out that I was suffering from arthritis. I knew something was wrong because I had been getting very sore in my joints during longer workouts but I never expected my pain was due to arthritis. The pain was bad enough that I nearly had to cut running and other activities out of my training regimen.

I have been taking Syn-flex for only a short time now but I have already noticed a huge difference. I started taking one quarter ounce twice daily for the first ten days and after about 5 days I could already feel the difference. Over the past year I have tried numerous glucosamine products but I never had the results I hoped for. Syn-flex is in a league of its own. Never again will I be caught training without Syn-flex.

Since being on Syn-flex I have really put my body through the paces and I could not be more pleased with the results. I have included three plus hour runs back into my training schedule and it is comforting to know that I can train as long as my muscles, not my joints, will allow.

Tim Burke


Here's what Major Ted Leblow has to say about Syn-flex...

Marathon Runner & U.S. Army Major Ted Leblow

Marathon Runner & U.S. Army Major Ted Leblow


I have been using Syn-flex for approximately 1 year and am very pleased with the results. I am a runner and have been training for the marathon (26.2 miles) by gradually increasing my mileage over the past year. I have been able to go from about 70 miles a week to 115 miles a week virtually injury free thanks to Syn-flex.

I discovered Syn-flex after getting injured following my first marathon. I tried everything to recover with no success. After starting to use Syn-flex I noticed immediate results and was able to resume my training. I took a double dose for the first two weeks and since then have been taking the normal dose on a daily basis. I also started taking a double dose on my long run and race days. Syn-flex was what I needed to recover from an injury and has helped me stay injury free without joint or knee pain while almost doubling my weekly mileage.

Major Ted Leblow
US Army, AH-64 Pilot

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