Dear Syn-flex,

As a pet product manufacturer, I have access to the latest miracle products for senior dogs. My 13-year-old sheltie that has been instrumental in developing many of our products has slowed down considerably over the last year. Three months ago, she took a turn for the worse. She had a severe limp, and walking was very painful for her. She could not walk more than 10 steps with out lying down. As a last resort, I ordered a bottle of Syn-Flex for pets. To be blunt I doubted the claims you made on your website. It has been two weeks since I started Tully on Syn-Flex. What can I say You gave me my dog back! I forgot how spoiled and demanding she is. She now sits beside by desk and stairs at me while performing a staccato bark! She wants to play! God Bless you for making this wonderful product available!

Theresa Marler
PupGear Corporation


Dear Syn-flex,

I must agree that your product is awesome! Our 3 year old, 15lb JRT went from an active, energetic young dog to a lethargic old dog almost overnight. He was having difficulty rising after resting, did not want to sit, and definitely did not want to walk much. This is a dog that flew to the door at the jingle of a car key. We took him to the vet for an evaluation and x-ray. The x-ray indicated that he may have disc disease at L7-L8. We (he) was given an anti-inflammatory and pain medication which left him laying around 24/7. The doctor said if he wasn't better in two weeks we might consider an MRI at $1600. So...I went out and bought a Glucosomine tablets for him only to find out that he has an allergic reaction to shellfish. His face swelled up like a balloon. After much research and web surfing I found Syn-flex. Many "search words" I used brought me to the Syn-flex site. Here is the great news. I received your product on a Friday and gave Toby some that evening. After one week of 28 drops per day, and daily prayer, he appears to be in better shape than he was before we took him to see the vet! He is running, jumping around, and can't wait to go for a ride! Truly an awesome product. I will be recommending that my vet make this available to all his patients.

Thank You!
Jeff, Toby, and Family
I recently decided to become an affiliate marketer for Syn-Flex. I am an independent singer-songwriter and have started to update my website. The first thing I wanted to do was to add the Syn-Flex link. I am so grateful for this product as it has made all the difference in my dogs life (and so of course mine!) I'm attaching the link to my website so you can view our little add for Syn-Flex and our testimonial (Josie's Story). I'll add a Syn-Flex Banner soon. Thanks so much!

Jennifer Jean Smith

Good morning,
I discovered your product on the internet..Syn-Flex for dogs, I said "what the heck, let me give it a try!"
Well I ordered 3 bottles, I just started the second bottle and Winston is like a new dog, he's 13 years old, but he is moving much better, wants to take longer walks..his whole quality of life has improved immensely!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you..

Winston's Mom

not that you guys need another testimonial, but my 14-year-old sheltie is now jumping again and trotting outside instead of walking slowly and she's only been taking this for a week. what makes me even happier is that the twinkle in her eyes of her younger years has returned. she's even less cranky. i'm happy to see i can order your product online. i had been thinking of putting her to sleep. now i don't have to. thank you!

lisa and china, the happy sheltie.

I found your product by doing a search on the internet when my black lab mix began having trouble walking due to arthritis. She would have occassional flares and asprin would do the trick. But there came a point where the arprin didn't work anymore. I ordered Synflex after reading all the information on the website knowing my other alternative was vet prescribed meds that can have horrible side effects which I really didn't want to resort to.
After receiving the Synflex, I began giving it to my dog and by the second day I could see a major change in her. She no longer limped and acted so much happier. I couldn't believe it. It has been well over a year since I started her on Synflex and she is still doing great. I feel Synflex has bought us more time to spend with her. I can't imagine what condition she would be in today if we hadn't tried your product. Thank you.
I tell everyone about Synflex and how great it has worked for us.
Thanks again,

N. Norton
Nancy Norton
Northeast PA

I just wanted to thank you for your truly wonderful product which has given us so much to look forward to.

Our beautiful 4 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Monty broke the cruxial ligament in his back leg 3 years ago. Diagnosed as inoperable he had deteriorated to a lame, sore and tired dog riddled with arthritis. Walks, playing with the ball, walking on stairs and jumping were a thing of the past.

Monty was unable to walk without limping which was more profound after he stiffened up in his back leg after long periods of inactivity or alternativly too much activity. Poor Monty really couldnt win!

With very little quality of life for a dog so young we wondered what Monty's future may hold given that he was too young to commence stronger drugs and was not responding well to prescribed anti-inflamatory medications

Thanks to Synflex after 8 weeks on the product we have our beautiful puppy back. The difference is incredible. Our beautiful boy is jumping, playing, walking, running and up and down the stairs and not showing ANY signs of the stiffness and pain that had become a day to day part of his life. His limp has dissappeared which is truly amazing.

There was a noticeable difference in Monty within days of commencing Synflex and we are so grateful and so is Monty! Everything I read about Synflex before trying it is true. The results have exceeded our wildest expectations.

Thank you Synflex from very loyal customers downunder!

Carol, Mario & Monty Angelosanto
Sydney. Australia.

We have a 12 year old Shetland Sheepdog. During the past couple of years, she began to have difficulty going up the stairs to the 2nd floor, getting up from the floor (especially the hardwood floors), did not run around and play with our other younger sheltie. She reached the point that we had to start carrying her up the stairs.

Our Vet gave us three different products that contained Glucosamine and were very, very expensive. In each case, our dog could not tolerate the products. Either she vomited, had diarrhea, or some other negative reaction. Then we discovered Syn-flex. Within a few weeks, we began to see a gradual difference. After two months, she runs up the stairs, gets up much more easily from the floor, including the hardwood floors and plays actively with our other sheltie.

She has had absolutely NO side effects and readily takes the Syn-flex from an eyedropper. Based on her weight, we give her a 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. To top it all off, Syn-flex is a lot cheaper than the VET Products that our dog could not tolerate.

Thanks very much for an excellent product. We have told many of our friends about Syn-flex and will continue to do so.

Michael and Cathy Cesario
Bethlehem, CT

I started my 9 yo cat on Syn-flex last night. He is already showing much improvement! My husband and I sat on the couch last night in amazement on how well he was walking around. He has FHD along with arthritis in his knees. We just got the xrays back this week. His hip pops every step he takes and only can take a couple of steps at a time before stopping and resting for a long periods of time. He barely could make it up/down the stairs. He couldn't walk on our hard wood floors at all due to his legs slipping out from underneath him. Now just after 2 to 3 doses of "SYN-FLEX" he is doing so much better. Walking continuosly w/o stopping, playing with our other cat and is getting around on our hard wood floors with no problem. I am totally amazed at what this product has done for our very sick cat. He used to quiver with pain continuously, that is gone now as well.
Synflex has worked so well on him that we just ordered 6 more bottles for him/family and ourselves who suffer from arthritis in one way or another. Thank you again for making this amazing product! We are forever grateful for what it has done for our Noah boy. Surgery is not an option anymore, Thank God!

Kim and Mike H.
Glen Carbon, IL

I just wanted to thank you for your product.

My 4 year old pekingese has a knee that pops out of the groove ( I never can remember the medical term!) . After some experimentation, I settled on glucosamine, with my vet's approval. A friend showed me your website and I decided to give synflex a try. What an amazing difference! My little guy was running and jumping again! That was last summer.

In August he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and wasn't expected to live. He was on large doses of several medications. The synflex and knee were forgotten while he fought to live. Because he was so weak walking wasn't a problem anyway. I pretty much carried him everywhere. But wait, there's a happy ending here!

It's been 7 months since his illness. He is currently in remission. He is on a maintenace dosage of prednisone. His prognosis remains "fair", but he is happy and appears comfortable. With his improved health and mobility, his limp returned, so again with my vet's approval, I restared the synflex. He is on no other medications, not even heartworm, flea control, or vaccinations. He is not limping. He tires quickly, but he is now running for short distances.

I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful product! I truly believe Synflex has made a profound difference in my little doggie's life. No matter what the future holds for him and for however long I have him, I will always be grateful for the comfort and mobility that Synflex has given him.


Dobby's mom,
Johnstown, NY

Our 12-year old min-schnauzer was having a real hard time walking and trying to go up and down our steps to go outside.
The vet gave him an arthritis medication but I was reluctant to use it. I checked all the information and testimonials on Syn-flex and decided to give it a try. It seemed to work within 2-3 days with our Bunky. Where he could barely walk before, he was almost running with the other younger dogs within a week. At the same time I was using the product for my arthritis in my knee and felt a huge improvement immediately. When we ran out of the product I didn't re-order, thinking I could some like products from the pet stores.
No way did they work the same. I just received my first re-order of Syn-Flex, Bunky has taken 3 doses and is again is lively, playful self that he was before when he took it.
THANK YOU for this wonderful product!!!

Niagara Falls, NY

We just wanted to send you a thankyou for developing this wonderful product. Our lovely Angus is a black (going rapidly white)! labrador who celebrated his 13th birthday on Boxing Day. For some time his legs had been stiff and we were really worried. I was determined to try and find something that REALLY worked but that was a natural product. I read many reviews about Synflex before I took the plunge and ordered some. We started Angus on the Synflex on Nov 1st 2001 and we truly have never looked back, we give him 1.5 tea spoons a day. He is like a young

dog again, he plays with his toys, jumps and bounces and has once again discovered his zest for life. His coat is glossy, his eyes bright and clear and he is a very happy dog again. He used to yelp in pain when he sometimes got up or led on his shoulder, but we haven't had a peep out of him since he was on Synflex. We call it his magic medicine from America!

So, thankyou Synflex, our last years with this wonderful boy will now be pain free. I also tell everyone about Synflex too, so you may be getting more orders from Lancashire. I enclose a photo of Angus taken in the snow this Christmas.

Kind regards,
Cheryl Davies
Lancashire England

sadie is my 8 year old lab who pretty much overnight started struggling tremendously with what seemed to be her hind left leg....we took her to the vet, hoping for the best... she was diagnosed with arthrits of the spine.well, what do we do now?? vet said to give her glucosamine(any kind) and wait about 2-3 months to see results... if that didnt work, try rimadyl...well, i was going to make rimadyl my last resort...we gave her the glucosamine for 4 months and it did absolutely nothing...the arthritis actually seemed to get progressive worse..i then went on the internet and discovered sadie a double dose for 1 week and the normal dose everyday for the past 3 months.....sadie has no limp at all... she has been diagnosed with a thyroid problem and gained 14 pounds in 6 months (62-76).its now under control, but thru all of the weight gain, she has had no limp whatsoever... my dog is the world to me and this product has probably extended my world an extra 3-4 years....fantastic product...when i say that results were noticed in 2-3 weeks, i mean it...thank you , synflex

new orleans

Our twelve year old shepherd/chow mix dog wasn't walking to well. She also had great trouble getting up particularly on a smooth floor. Maggie also appeared to be in some pain too.

My wife found your product on line and we thought we would give it a try. That was last week. Maggie has been taking Syn-flex for about six days now and I will tell you she is not the same dog!

She gets up easier, walks much better and has more energy. Yesterday, I was out in the yard with her and called to her. She ran over to me and right up onto the porch. She wasn't even limping as before.

Thank you to the makers of Syn-flex. I know Maggie thanks you.

Michael and Ana

This product has made so much difference for my Jack Russell Terrier! He's almost 12 and has had medial luxation of the patella severely for about the past 3 years. When we started this he could barely walk, now he runs and plays and can jump on the bed again.

C. Smith
Hayward, CA

I have a dog, Ben, who will be 16 years old in February. This past summer his rear hips were really beginning to fail. He couldn't walk up 4 stairs without his hind legs collapsing. Ben started using Synflex, and within a week, I saw a noticeable improvement. Now, Ben actively romps and frolics around the yard with our 10 month old puppy and 5 year old pekingese. He jumps up on the picnic table with ease,, goes for rides in the golf cart, getting in and out with no help, follows me around the yard while I mow on the riding mower. I just can't give enough testimonial on how well this REALLY works. I'm basically at a loss of words.

Thank you, thank you , thank you, to the makers of Synflex. Every dog and cat should have Synflex in their stockings this year!!

Ben (Ginny & Bob Brownson)
Punta Gorda, FL

Our 7 year old (dog) Corgi, Zoey was having so much trouble with her back legs that she could no longer get onto a couch she loved. After lying down, she would hesitate to get up, and often drag her back legs a bit. Her back right leg would bother her so badly she would limp. We started the Synflex this summer and immediately noticed a change after a week or two. Now it's fall and she actually jumped up onto the couch for the first time in months. She no longer limps, she plays rough with our other dog and appears so much happier. After lying down, she gets up without hesitation. We are so thankful for the Synflex!! It has been well worth ordering and we will continue to use it!

L. Somers
Oswego, NY

In May 2001 our 10 month old male Alaskan Malamute, Juno, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Shortly after his diagnosis I came across your website while searching for a high quality liquid glucosamine product for him to use. I went ahead and immediately ordered 3 bottles.

Well, I'm another satisfied customer and so is Juno. Juno used to start shifting his weight to his front legs creating a noticeable limp half way through his daily walks. After being on Syn-Flex for only 1 week he was able to complete his walks without any limping at all! He has been on Syn-Flex for 3.5 months now & is doing well. There is no doubt that Syn-Flex is helping him with his hip dysplasia.

I also recommended Syn-Flex to our veterinary clinic as it is an effective product and pharmaceutical grade.

Thanks for making such a great product. Please don't stop producing it.

Jon F.
Jon Franklin
Kyle, TX

Just wanted to thank you for all the great information and for providing such a wonderful product. My 14 year old dog, Bob, was very uncomfortable & I was considering euthanasia. Out of desperation, I did some research and found your website. After a few days of Synflex, he began to get better. After a few weeks, he was full of energy. Now, a few months later, he's still doing fine.

Thanks to you, Bob is once again enjoying his golden years and the Grim Reaper was thwarted! I just ordered another bottle and highly recommend that anyone with arthritis try it. It really worked mircles for Bob!

Barb Gaffney
Monee, IL

Two stories for you. The first is my 15 year old cat, Kiddy. In May he would attempt to jump on my bed only to make it about 1 of 5 tries. It was so sad, for he had been doing this jump for over 14 years! When he gave up, I had to do something. Figuring his life was coming to an end I wasn't sure what to do. The vet said it's just natural arthritis in an older cat, we could try some meds, but I didn't want to do that to his other organs.
We started Syn-flex in May, and within a few weeks he was jumping back on the bed. Nothing else changed in his diet, he was still on his premium food, and still a 95% indoor cat. His jump improved and after about a month, he was back to his normal self. He's been doing great since and I thank Syn-Flex for this.

My next story is Ernie, my Golden Retriever. Back in November 2002, he was diagnosed with Cancer on his skull, and no hope of any treatment. The vet said 3 weeks to 3 months max. He is still with me August 2001. I researched things on the web and was able to find a good holistic formula that seemed to work for him (Vitamin C/E and flax seed oil). Then he started to limp in one leg. I figured it was the spread of Cancer, but it was Arthritis, very common in Golden Retrievers, even at his age of 8. I immediately took him to the vet, they wanted to put him on the normal meds, but once they diagnosed as Arthritis, I started his Syn-flex. This was about three weeks ago. While he is not 100% back to where he was, he is not limping, and can take shorter walks around the block. A MUCH better improvementthan sitting in the kitchen and limping to the door to say hi. Syn-flex is working on him to extend the life he was given.

I truly believe in this product and have ordered it for not only my pets, but now my family and elderly relatives. It may be a strange "gift" but, the gift of being able to be mobile for pets and humans, is amazing. There may not be a "miracle drug" on the market, but in my life, I seem to have found the one that will help them all with the aches and pains.

Thank you Activex America for this product.


Tim Tierney
Gold Ribbon Rescue
[email protected]
Tim Tierney
Austin TX

I use Syn-Flex on all three of my rescued Border Collies and have seen a real improvement in their mobility. Two of my dogs aged 16 and 10 both have arthritic conditions, and my other dog aged 9 also suffers with her bones, which we suspect will turn arthritic. I have seen a reduction in stiffness in all my dogs and conventional medication has been greatly reduced.

I am glad I came across your product whilst researching a good quality glucosamine pet product and find your overseas service efficient and easy to use. I will be recommending Syn-Flex to other pet owners and hope to build a website telling people how pleased I am with the product.

Many Thanks

Angela J Coupar
Lincolnshire, UK

To be perfectly honest, I am a very sceptical personal by nature so when I ordered your product for the first time, I felt that I had very little to loose and thought that I would at least try it on our dog who has been through a very tough time in the past two years. Buddy is a six-year old mixed breed (although mainly German Shepherd). In the past two years he has undergone surgeries on both knees (ACL). He also has hip dysplacia and some indication of arthritis in both hips. I used the product on a daily basis as instructed and simply waited for some results, not expecting much. To my surprise, Buddy responded so well that he has finally returned to his old self. He's not jumping around like a jackrabbit and probably never will, but he no longer limps, has bundles of energy for walks and is very playful with other dogs. The crowning glory came last night when I was taking him for a walk. He was off leash and actually ran after a rabbit (the rabbit won the race). While he won't win any land speed records, I never even imagined that I would ever see him run again. I know that this may sound ridiculous but he
actually looks happy for the first time in two years. I strongly believe that your product has contributed significantly to this major turnaround.

Ottawa, Canada

I'm Erick, French established in haiti for many years. I have 3 American Bulldogs, and I had recently noticed a "walking problem" with 2 of them. These dogs are working dogs, and face many situation that have bad inpact on their joints.
For a couple of days I researched some products with glucosamine on the web. I finally decided to go for SYNFLEX, and bought 6 bottles. Let me tell you that after 5-6 days i've started the treatment,my dogs begin to change amazingly...!!!!
This morning (day 7) I could not even notice a walking problem any more....Dogs are running again all day long.

You really sell a top class product!

Best regards,
Erick Erwan
Haiti, West-Indies

I recently ordered a bottle of Syn-flex for my dog, a Treeing Walker coonhound that I rescued. I am so pleased with the results, I will be needing to order my next bottle soon. My dog was diagnosed with arthritis, I was so shocked, because he is such a young dog. He was so bad, that he could hardly move around, and would lay down to eat or drink. My vet put him on Rimadyl, which I did not want to have to keep him on that for the remainder of his life. I came across your website one day, as I had been giving him Glucosamine in a pill form. The more I read, the more I thought "wow" this is a great product. Needless to say, my dog is remarkable, he runs and plays and shows no sign of pain at all. I give it to him every day, and it truly has been a wonderful product. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a pet suffering from arthritis.

Thank you

Stephanie Murphy

Your product is FANTASTIC! It's only been a week and my puppy is bouncing all around again (literally, a week ago he was dragging his left rear leg and wouldn't put weight on that hip...but now he is running and jumping again!!) Your stuff is amazing and believe me, I have been telling EVERYONE about it:) Ya'll definitely have life long customers in us!

Ms. Broderick

I bought Syn-flex about 3 weeks ago, I have three basset hounds with DJD, one is 7 yrs old and has a severe case. he never ran and always had a limp. he never played with the other dogs, just sat watching. I have him on Syn-flex now and after 10 or 11 days he started running and playing and hardly limps at all. I gave him a double dose for the ten days and I think I will keep him at that level for 30 days since he was so bad and has had this for a long time. The other dogs are more active and overall feeling good. I have recommended it to many people already. Thank You for making a product that works.
Cheryl Mchatton


We tried several different products to alleviate the pain and immobility of our cherished 12-year old, 75-pound terrier-mix. Some were quite expensive, others not so costly -- their commonality was that they did NOT work. I happened upon your site one day by happy circumstance. We have been using Syn-flex for two months now. We pour a capful into a depression we make in Wylie's liverwurst morning treat. He gobbles it all down. (He used to spit out some of the other products, no matter how we disguised them.) Wylie no longer limps, he follows us upstairs without hesitation, and he has begun jumping back up on the couch and into the car's back seat. He still moves slowly compared to five years ago -- So do we! But he is no longer in pain, he loves to walk and gallop about with the younger dogs, and we thank God for your product. We gave one of our three bottles to my brother to try on his Lab and he has been very pleased after less than a month! Thank you for a wonderful product -- It is such a relief to see Wylie up and around. He is a member of our family and seeing him hobble about was torture.
Jocelyn & Cliff


Thanks.. My 12 yr old Aussie is doing so well with Syn-flex !! I can't believe the difference in her ! From not hardly being able to move at all, and in a lot of pain, to jumping, running and being her ol' happy, pain free self again in such a short time, has me shouting the benefits of Syn-flex!!!


I thought it time I write and give you an update on Harvey's progress after your advice of
increasing his dosage of Syn-flex. Well I'm delighted to say that he is certainly showing signs of increased mobility in his hips. He looks stronger in his hind quarters now, and on a couple of recent walks he almost managed a bit of a trot. He has definitely speeded up on his walks and is usually now leading the way, like he used to do. We tried increasing the dosage up to 3/4 of a teaspoon twice a day, but didn't see any marked increase after about 10 days, so as per your advice increased it up to 1 teaspoon twice daily. Since then there has been a definite improvement, which is just wonderful. And, fingers crossed, he hasn't had any recent stumbles whilst out on his walk. We're keeping Toby on the normal recommended dosage, and he continues to amaze us as he now loves running, in bursts, on his walks, but he tends to forget that he is 12 years old and gets himself a bit out of breath !!!.... this is a success as 10 months ago he was really beginning to struggle walking !!!!

Anyway, thank you, thank you for your help, and a big thank you to Syn-flex for helping our precious Boys keep their mobility in their older years.
Will be ordering more Syn-flex in the near future.
Di Aitchison


I normally don't write testimonials for a product, in fact never have before. But I felt compelled to do so in this instance. I have a 12 year old Labrador Retriever who has had arthritis since she was 2. When she was 6, Rimadyl became available and she has been on that ever since. I also gave
her a tablet form of glucosamine....1000 mg a day. The arthritis in her hips was getting worse and worse to the point that we were taking very short walks and resting along the way even on those.

One morning last October, she could not get up off the floor. I had to put a towel under her belly and walk her out, holding her up so she could relieve herself. It was just pathetic. After a few days of this, I called my veterinarian and scheduled to have her euthanized... a terribly hard decision to make because she is my constant buddy and best friend. However, I did not see how I could continue with her being unable to even shift her weight while she slept from one hip to the other... I could tell she was very uncomfortable at night. She's 95 pounds and the effort was so great to
get her outside that she was only going out twice a day, early morning and late night, and I felt this was too long a period of time for an old dog to hold their bladder. The vet had told me "once these big dogs go down, there's really not much you can do."

The day before she was scheduled to be euthanized, I found the web site on Syn-flex. I decided to give it a try even though she was already on a form of glucosamine. I felt I owed her to at least try everything I came across. I WAS AMAZED! After about five days, my dog could walk on her own again. Her condition improved over the next couple of weeks to where I could actually take her in the car to a nearby dog park, where she would walk to a big field where many dogs were playing and she would walk around and check all the dogs out. She can't run and take long walks any longer but the point is... she can walk on her own and her quality of life is much better. It has been six months since I would have had her put down and she is still with me. I know this product helped her and I took the time to write this in the hopes that it may cause someone else in a similar situation debating euthanasia to give this product a try first... and perhaps prolong the life of your pet.
Kim Smith


I live in the South East of England U.K. We rescued an old G.S.D. dog just before Christmas which was in much pain due to severe arthritis, the vet put him on Metacam ,one dose of which made him violently ill, he then gave him a tablet form of glucosamine which made him sick! I found out about Syn-flex bought a bottle & the next day he ran across the field, his eyes were sparkling & he just came alive!! I'm now using it as I have multiple problems including repetitive strain injury back neck & hip problems due to a car accident. My sister who's hands were so painful she couldn't even make a fist(due to being a professional photographer for many years) had been taking glucosamine tablets for years which were useless, I sent her a bottle of Syn-flex& in 2 days the pain had almost gone ,she could not believe it! My friends 12 year old dog who could hardly walk is running around again & another friend an ex footballer started taking it today & the pain in his back& knee has disappeared!!! What more can we say but thank you,


I am 64 years old and am a former Army Paratrooper with many jumps under my belt. About six months ago my left knee really started hurting. It seems everything you talk about on your web site was happening to my knee. I couldn't straighten it and then when it was straight it wouldn't bend, and the pain was considerable. Walking was becoming a chore.
About two months ago I visited one of my clients, we both spent some time in Viet Nam and we usually talk about how we are doing in that context. I mentioned that all the parachute jumps were getting to me. It so happens that my friend is Megan Mason's father, so he told me about Syn-flex and to visit the web site. I did saw the testimonials by Megan and Sergeant Gavigan and bought my first bottle of Syn-flex. I have gone through the first bottle and am about half way through my second, the pain on a scale of 1 to 10, used to be about a 9, it is now about a 2 or 3 and getting better every day. This product is amazing, I recommend it to everybody I know who
is having any kind of joint pain or stiffness. Thanks for keeping me on the go and out of the hospital.
Orange County, CA


Just wanted you all to know that a few months ago our dog, a mini dachshund, got severe arthritis in his hip and we spent 400.00 dollars at the Vet's which included a shot. Recently he got another bout and we started giving him the formula in his food and the arthritis is under control.
The problem with my upper vertebrae has remained quiet since my first order (about five months ago) taking a single dose the first ten days. The neurologist I went to didn't offer any remedies other than to grin and bear the pain under my right scapula. I would like to say also that your business operation has been very responsible, professional, and timely in deliveries! Feel free to publish this statement, or any part, if you want to.


Thank you so much for helping make my sister's dogs life more happy and hurt free.
She is about 13 years old and she was having so much trouble jumping up on my sister's bed at night. (very spoiled "kid") After I got online and found your product, I ordered a bottle for her and she said that in the first week she could she a remarkable difference in the way PeeWee acted. She is able to jump on the bed and chase the magpies out of the yard (one of her favorites things to do!!!) Thanks so much!! We will definitely be ordering more for her. thanks again


Thank you so much for helping make my sister's dogs life more happy and hurt free.
She is about 13 years old and she was having so much trouble jumping up on my sister's bed at night. (very spoiled "kid") After I got online and found your product, I ordered a bottle for her and she said that in the first week she could she a remarkable difference in the way PeeWee acted. She is able to jump on the bed and chase the magpies out of the yard (one of her favorites things to do!!!) Thanks so much!! We will definitely be ordering more for her. thanks again


I just wanted to write a quick note to say I can't thank you enough for the product you have made available. Several months ago my eleven year old black lab dog, Sati had to get x-rays because for the past couple of weeks she was dragging her back legs and wouldn't walk. She was in a lot of pain. When I saw the x-rays I knew why. She was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease and the vet said it was so bad he couldn't' remember the last time he saw such awful x-rays. He said there was nothing we could do about her hips (on the x-ray-no ball and socket-just bone on bone with no cartilage left). The only thing that would make her more comfortable was to give her rimadyl. The first thing I did when I got home at night was I did a little research on the internet about rimadyl and it wasn't pretty. According to studies it has caused death in quite a few animals due various medical problems, and labs (which Sati is) were predisposed to these adverse reactions, more so than any breed. It was during my search that I found your product. I have to admit I was quite skeptical. The vet pretty much implied she wouldn't be around much longer. I ordered you product and it came two days later. I started to give her the morning and night dose for the first ten days while she was still on the rimadyl, because she couldn't walk without it. I was monitoring her to make sure she was having no adverse reactions and planned on taking her off the rimadyl as soon as she was on the Syn-flex for two weeks. After two weeks I took her off the rimadyl and held my breath still not believing it would work. She changed completely. The rimadyl had made her somewhat lethargic and she would spend all day sleeping. Well as soon as I took her off of it the results were astounding. She had more energy, she was playful, always grabbing her toys and wanting to play fetch. But most of all she no longer dragged her hind legs. In fact, after she had been laying down for a nap, I figured when she got up she would still be limping or even slightly favoring her legs, but she did not at all. You have made me so happy because she is just like my kid. She comes to work with me every day and is spoiled rotten with love. I loved your product so much I started giving it to my 72 year old mother in law who was told by a doctor she had to have her knee replaced. She adamantly refused. She was terrified of surgery. She would walk around all day with her leg braced straight - she couldn't even bend her knee. Within two days her knee began to feel better. She stopped taking aspirin (she had to take aspirin in the morning and at nighttime just to get through the day) The other day she was dancing around. She says she can't believe how good she feels and no longer has any pain and can walk normally without a limp. I also take Syn-flex because I have also had problems with my knee - no more pain anymore. I can run everyday with no problem. I have recommended your product to everyone I know and have several fellow employees and customers using it as well both for themselves and their pets as well. At first no one believes how well it works and I just say - look at how well Sati is doing, just try it. And they too are astounded. Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product and how valuable an asset is to our everyday lives.

Torrington CT


Five months ago, Cindy, my baby of fifteen (a border-collie mix) could no longer get up and down stairs. She was fine last summer, but as fall progressed, she started to limp, then stopped getting up on the bed and the progression of all the symptoms just sort of all started happening really quickly. By late October I had covered the stairs with a ramp so she could get down off the back porch to the back yard. She's 60 pounds and it was back-breaking work to carry her up and down five or six times a day. She was miserable. She would lie on the bed and lick her left leg constantly. (The one she sprained badly years ago) Our walks lasted five minutes before she would sit and hold up her paw. I went to the vet with her in late November. The vet prescribed pills. Pills, which used long term, cause stomach problems, kidney problems, liver problems ....eventually death. I couldn't accept this. I got on the internet and started to search the same day I got back from the vet. I found Syn-flex. I ordered 3 bottles...why not?... and the day we received the Syn-flex I stopped giving her the pills the vet had prescribed. She started on Syn-flex the same day. What can I say??? She's a pup again. It's a miracle. Our walks are back up to an hour. She's pulling at the leash again, alive and curious and full of pep. The ramp is still there ...frozen in with snow, but will be gone in the spring. She jumps onto the bed on her own, and rolls around full of joy again. I have my baby back. Thank you. I've just ordered 9 more bottles. 3 for a friend and her dog. (I gave her one of my original three when she was talking about having her Chow of 13 years put down. He's doing great now, too.) I will start taking some myself when this order arrives. Excellent product. Bravo! Felicitations! You've got a devoted customer here in the Great White North, and I will spread the word to everyone I know who suffers from arthritis, or who might know someone who suffers from arthritis.

Anyway ...thanks again ....excellent proud.

Carol Kerr & Cindy


I have just reordered Syn-flex after almost finishing up our first bottle. My sweet dog, Delta, is a rescue dog. We don't know anything about her background or parentage, though she is most likely a Corgi-Border Collie mix. That makes for a broad dog on short little legs! She was also badly injured on her back at some point in her mysterious past. Delta has been favoring her left front leg for a few months, but by late last December the trouble increased dramatically. She would cry and it was hard for her to get up and down the porch steps, so I started looking for something that might help quickly. I ordered Syn-flex and started dosing her everyday as soon as the order arrived.

That was about 6 weeks ago; I saw improvement within a week, and now I'm so happy to say that we can't keep her off our new deck. It's partially completed, and she's up and down those steps all evening, as soon as the construction guys go home. She is still a little cautious and careful with that leg, but she no longer cries, and the stiffness in her back seems to be greatly relieved, too.
At her annual checkup last month, I showed our vet your brochure and talked to her about Syn-flex. She approved all the ingredients for Delta, and was pleased that we had found a good product with such obvious results.

Thank you so much for helping my dog,
Elizabeth Parker


My 5 1/2 year old Black Labrador is a working Gundog with poor hips. Last year, after a days work, he would curl up in a ball and stay there. When he did get up it was with difficulty, and walking was obviously very painful. This would last for a few days, but then of course he was back to work again, and so we went on.

I used powered Glucosamine for a while and it made a slight difference, but in a wander around the web for a liquid based formula I found Syn-flex. As we had nothing to lose, I bought a bottle in October 02, just at the start of the working season. After confirming the dose - which was tiny (just 3ml a day) - with Activex America's on-line help I started him on it. At the end of December I reduced his dosage to 3ml every other day.

We are now in January, just 2 weeks from the end of the season and he hasn't had a single stiff or painful day since starting the Syn-flex, and I am just about to order a second bottle. I tell everyone I can in an effort to get more people in the UK using it.

Julia & Taz
Somerset, England


To any non-believers:

This stuff works. Two weeks ago my dog could not walk more than two or three feet. Today, she's able to manage about 20! There has been significant improvement every single day. At this rate she'll be pretty much back to normal in two months. (I don't expect her to be able to jump hurdles, but at least she'll be able to enjoy going to the park again.)

K.M. Larkin


I must say my Rottweiler is doing fantastic! He is completely off of Aspirin and has had NO problems with pain in the last 3 weeks. I am however; still giving him 3 Glycol Flex pills (given to me initially by the vet) a day along with the 1/4 oz of Syn-flex. I haven't decided on whether to purchase more pills when they run out, since he has been doing great on both.

You have what I consider a FANTASIK product, but why isn't the emphasis put into controlled clinical studies/Veterinary trials similar to Cosequin, instead of putting advertising dollars on the internet, with an enormous amount of search engine links and arthritis links? I believe my Vet should have been prescribing Syn-flex, not Glyco Flex or Cosequin, but this obviously will never happen without any clinical studies.
Mark Carbonara


About 6 months ago, Bridgette started having problems with walking and she was limping on not one, but two legs.....many appointments with the vet, $600 later and she still showed no improvement and her limping was extremely upsetting to both of us.......this poor little purr baby could hardly walk across the room, let alone be active in our normal play sessions......I did some research of my own and came upon your wonderful web site of Syn-flex which I decided to try for Bridgette and the results are amazing........the improvement was extremely slow but steady during the first few months and now, 6 months later, she's walking just like a normal cat ....we're back to our nightly play sessions and she flies around the house like a little "loonie"....LOL ....I can't thank you enough for your fantastic product!! i've been using it myself, along with Bridgette, since I have arthritis in my spine and it has helped a great deal...she was actually a Persian Champion in her younger days, but unfortunately, she has developed Cardiomyopathy at the age of 4 years .......I'm praying that the Syn-flex will aid her heart muscles as well as it did her limbs..
Asheville, NC


Our patient is a 40 lb. 24 year old cocker spaniel. Before Syn-flex, she was on Rimadyl 75mg once a day for arthritis. Limping and scared to go down or come up stairs only two or three steps to negotiate. After Syn-flex for about 4-5 days, she would bound down the two or three steps simply by hand signals, she's deaf. My wife and I both noticed the improvement. I just bought two more bottles of Syn-flex for her.
Silver Spring, Maryland


The Syn-flex definitely seems to help her, although she's still a little stiff. Yesterday was a warm day, 68, which is incredible for Lincoln, Nebraska! Anyway, I think he weather helped with the stiffness, but even last summer Jessie couldn't have done what she did yesterday at the park. She was climbing up steep, muddy inclines and she even climbed up into the back of the Pathfinder with no help!!! She seems to be regaining her confidence and stumbles A LOT less. We'll definitely be reordering.
Jennifer James
Lincoln, Nebraska


I just ordered 3 more bottles. I have a Springer Spaniel with an arthritic back...he was experiencing very weak hind legs. Less than 3 weeks on Syn-Flex and there is a major improvement. He can climb stairs and he plays with his toys. We recently experienced a string of dank, rainy days, and he was OK. No more back legs slipping from under him. I will not allow my dog to suffer. He takes etogesic (sp?) with the Syn-Flex. The vet recommended stepping up to Rimadyl, but warned me of routine blood work, side effects, and so I did some research on this.
Found your information and tried it. It works. I think my husband and I will try it too!
Sue Durgett
Piscataway, NJ


My aunt has her baby as she calls her, that is a 11 year old dog who has had a lot of trouble getting up and was not playing very much at all. She has seen a drastic improvement in the last 3 weeks. Syn-flex is helping a lot.
Oakley, CA


I ordered Syn-flex about two weeks ago for my Toy Poodle, Tuffy. He had problems with his knee and couldn't jump or run, and limped very bad when he walked. Tuffy is only 11 months old and this was very upsetting to us. After only 1 1/2 weeks of taking Syn-flex, he is back to his old self, He is now running, jumping and playing chase with our other Poodle, and playing Frisbee with us. We had been told we would probably have to have Surgery on his leg but thankfully, that is not something we have to worry about now that we have this wonderful product. I recommend your product to everyone.
Lee Cothren
Barstow, CA


As I told you when I ordered Syn-flex, it was for my dog and a friend's dog who both suffered from arthritis and we didn't want to continue them on vet recommended cortisone therapy.

My dog is a 10 year old corgi who has responded beautifully to Syn-flex. When I first started using it, she was afraid to come down even two stairs and now she doesn't hesitate.

My friend has a 12 year old schnauzer who couldn't even get up on the couch and she just called the other day to tell me that her dog was about to follow a toy that was tossed over the back of the couch! She attributes her dog's better health to Syn-flex.

I read about Syn-flex on-line through a veterinary hospital that recommended it very highly. We both intend to continue using it for our pets and, who knows, we may have to join them someday soon.! Thank you so much for your interest and the opportunity to order online. That's such a help and a timesaver.
Arlene O'Callahan
Skokie, IL


I ordered the Syn-flex for my cocker spaniel (Angel) She's about 9 years old and has severe arthritis in her back and front left leg. It had become so bad... that we were literally forced to carry her down the couple steps into our yard... so she could "do her job"..... wait and carry her back into the house. She was laying in one spot... refusing to move without assistance.
As soon as I received the Syn-flex...I started giving her a teaspoon every evening, for the first week... then continued a maintenance dose of 1/2 tsp daily. By the 3rd day.... we saw great improvement in that she would go down the stairs on her own. By the end of the week she could (gingerly) go up and down the stairs. Now... 3 weeks later... she is RUNNING around the
house... playing and having a blast. Too cool!

Karen DeMillo
Canton, TX


My Golden Retriever, Tasha, was limping with hip or joint pain when my wife bought some glucosamine tablets. After 10 days she wasn't limping anymore. When we found out about your Syn-flex we ordered the 3 bottles. We give it to her as well as ourselves. She is just as active as she was when she was a puppy. She will be 11 in May. My bum knee doesn't seem to ache anymore and my wife's shoulder has a decrease in pain. I just sent in an order for 3 more bottles. I think it is helping all of us for now. I tried to get one of my employees to order some because his hands hurt all the time. His family lives check to check and his wife wouldn't let him order any. I told him "How much is pain worth?"
David McKinley
Burlington, Iowa


Both of our dogs are doing great on the Syn-flex. They both really seem to like the taste! Mollie is a 75 lb. lab/shepard mix (11 yrs) and Abbie is a 90 lb. golden retriever (9 yrs) and both have had their share of stiffness. But the Syn-flex seems to really help them get around again! We will be ordering another bottle soon! Thank you for a great product!

Delphine Wist
Sewickley, PA


Jesse, my 13 year old Lab has almost finished his 1st bottle of Syn-flex. He is 80 pounds and has always been overweight and inactive. He has three legs. After using Syn-flex, he doesn't stay by himself all the time, his panting and fast breathing have stopped, he follows commands again, he can support his weight from standing to sitting ,and he can jump up on the couch and bed again.
Montague, NJ








Let me tell you the big difference it has made in the 2 of them. My Ashley is a Sheltie that will be 15 years of age on the 13th of this month. She was very slow to get up and slow to move. She slept a lot. She now can jump on and off the bed by herself and is actually playing with the younger dogs again. Other than her hearing loss you would never guess that she is 15 years old.The other dog is my Smokey, also a Sheltie, 11 1/2 years old. He has arthritis in the spine due to a injury. He tended to walk in a crab style, the back end out to the left of the front, when walking in a straight line. He now walks with the rear following the front as it is supposed to. The 2 dogs have been on Syn-flex for a little over 2 months now and I am very happy with what it is doing for the two of them.
Linda Briggs
Waterbury, CT


I am using Syn-flex on our 12 1/2 yr old German Shepherd, Shadow. Over the past four years we have had Shadow on one brand or another of "pill-form" glucosamine, but it wasn't until just a couple of months ago that we had him officially diagnosed with moderate hip dysplasia. Our vet recommended we continue the glucosamine but offered no specific brand. I came home and began researching glucosamine on the internet...that's when I learned about the liquid form. From there I checked out a couple different brands and decided to go with Syn-flex.
It's been two months now, and yes I am still seeing improvements. I am noticing small, subtle improvements, little things such as starting to come up a short flight of stairs using his back legs individually instead of bunny hopping. And that's okay because it's still a big improvement over what we were seeing with the pill form.

Carole Lee
Portland, OR


Both my husband and I are very happy about the way Syn-flex is helping our older dog, Triton. We are also giving Syn-flex to our son's puppy, Starmie (2Y/O), as a preventative measure against OA. As I mentioned in my last order, you definitely have us as customers for life!
Barb and Dan Curran
Summerfield, NC


Syn-flex is definitely working better than the tablets. I am using it on my 12 year old lab, and he had been on the tablets for about eight months. He is doing remarkably better on the Syn-flex!
Holly Brent
Baltimore, MD


My cat is almost fourteen years old and has been stiff and slow for a while now. When I found Syn-flex I started him on 1 cc of the liquid twice a day . He improved quite a bit after about two weeks.

It is wonderful to see him walking without much pain and he can jump from the breakfast stool to the recliner again I even caught him chasing his sister around the other day!
Myra Beauchamp
Camas, WA


Thank you for your email inquiring as to my pet. My 10 year old Rottie, Ruger, is doing much better after taking the Syn-flex (1/8 measure one a day). However, he is still on Prednizone and I am trying to wean him off of it. He developed arthritis in his front elbows about two months ago. It hit him very fast. He's always been a very active Rottie and showed no signs of his age whatsoever. I tried to back him off the 20 mg of Prednizone after the first month, but he could not walk. After using the Syn-flex, I've been able to cut it back to 10 mg and he just runs like there's no problem.
I just received my reorder and this time I purchased three bottles. My Mother has been thinking about trying it for herself, as she has arthritis in her hands. I am very grateful for your product. I really thought my last visit to the vet would be to put Ruger asleep because he was in so much pain. I am amazed that he is not only walking, but still chasing squirrels every chance he gets.

Thank you, again, for this great product.

Julie Miller
Irving, TX


After feeding our 9 year old Giant-Schnauzer with Syn-flex for nearly 4 weeks, he can already walk without pain - he even plays and jumps around with our younger dog. As soon as I need more Syn-flex, I'll order it.
Bernd & Jutta Leiske with our Giant-Schnauzers Wothan & Maximus


My dog Gretel is an 8month old Miniature Pinscher with luxating rear patellas. She was slightly overweight since desexing which would have aggravated the problem. We're happy to say Gretel is definitely showing some improvement since starting on Syn-flex; also losing weight (keeping her away from the cat food) and for the moment we're not allowing her anywhere she can launch into a full pelt until her tendons strengthen. We're thrilled that she's not throwing out the patellas nearly as much as before, it was very distressing for everyone to watch her collapse when she tried to run after our Jack Russell Dot. We're actually beginning to believe there might be an alternative to surgery - time will tell. Thank you for giving us hope.
Strathpine, Queensland


My dog is doing great on Syn-flex. He went through a year of receiving Adequan injections, which were expensive. He is doing just as well with the Syn-flex. I will be keeping him on your product. Thanks!
Debby Feeney
Lake Elsinore, CA


Thank you for your interest in our dog's progress on Syn-flex. She has been on it now for just under 30 days and the improvement has been remarkable. She is not only much more active, but she seems less distressed in getting up and down after periods of rest. Her desire to go out and explore and accompany our other two Great Danes on their daily jaunts is undeniable evidence of her improvement.
Mike & Kathi Rolbeck
Placerville, CA


I ordered the Syn-flex for my dog, Simon, a 6 1/2 year old miniature poodle who has torn the anterior crudiate tendons in both of his back legs, causing some instability/pain in his knees. In addition to weight loss, the vet recommended Rimadyl. The first time I used it, it worked. The second time, it had little effect. In desperation I surfed the net for an alternative and found your site. (The articles on arthritis were a godsend!) After just a few days on the Syn-flex, I saw a noticeable decrease in his pain and an improvement in his mobility. He will eventually need surgery after he loses more weight, but until then I am confident that with the Syn-flex I can decrease the wear and tear on his joints. Many thanks from the both of us!
Lydia Lafont
Houma, LA


I bought the Syn-flex for my 9 1/2 year-old basset hound Mable. She had knee surgery about a year ago and had some arthritic build-up removed. In the past few months prior to the Syn-flex, she has struggled quite a bit just walking around, especially in the morning. But since being on Syn-flex she has made definite improvement. She has been more energetic, rarely struggles to get moving around, and is able to go on walks without having soreness the day after.

Thank you! Your product has definitely helped. We will be ordering more very soon.

Germantown, OH


Our dog is 7 yrs old. She started showing signs of stiffness in her hip area. After 3 weeks on Syn-flex and distilled water she is like a puppy again. It is so nice to see her running around with no signs of pain. She,as well as her owners, send kisses of thanks.
Barbara Redlaczyk
Eau Claire, WI


We can now say without doubt that there has been a marked improvement, whereas in the first weeks of treatment the results were clouded by another problem that he suffers, a degenerative disease similar to MS in humans that causes him to lose control of his hind quarters. Although he still stumbles occasionally, we feel that he has improved a lot with the use of Syn-flex. Mikey is a big shepherd weighing over 100 pounds.
Clifton Henderson
Fonthill, Ontario


Chicago, Illinois


My dog's arthritis is much improved. She has been receiving Syn-flex daily for approximately two months. What has really improved is her ability to handle stairs, and she has become more flexible moving from a down position to a stand. Thanks for a great product.
Kiki Caruson, PhD
Tampa, FL


Thank you for your letter inquiring about Keisha's (my dog) progress while taking Syn-flex. I started her on it the 11th day of this month, giving her 3/4 tsp everyday in her food. I could tell a difference in her about 10 days after starting. This morning she was actually doing a little dance for me, her tail wagging so fast her whole lower body was wagging, and she is a big dog (app.60 lbs). I have not seen her do that in such a long time, I almost cried with joy, just watching her being able to move again. She is no puppy, going on 11 yrs, but she is still as bright eyed and playful as she was several years ago. My heart would break watching her try to get up and walk, sometimes her back legs would collapse and she would cry.
Syn-flex is a godsend, and I thank you so very much for it. I had been giving her glucosamine tabs for pets that I found locally, but the effects were minimal. Nothing is too good for my beautiful, loyal little girl and I will continue to give it to her for as long as she is with me.

Foy Pinson
Sun City, Arizona


Thank you for your e-mail and for your interest in my pet's progress since taking
Syn-flex. My German Shepherd female, aged 10+, has been taking the product since the beginning of February and is making remarkable progress.

Her arthritis had been diagnosed by a veterinary surgeon, who prescribed a course of Rimadyl (?), and this seemed to help initially. She was suffering from pain in her left hind hip, chewing her feet to relieve pain and causing eruptions of the hair on the upper side of her front feet. She had also been panting heavily throughout the night, and I was not sure of the cause until I saw a program on TV, where a vet said that pain was often the cause of heavy panting. She was slow to get up from her bed and had a heavy limp, emanating from her hip. She could just manage to jump into the car to go to the park for her daily walk, and was reluctant to break into a slow trot, and then only for a few paces. Since she has been taking Syn-flex we have watched her condition improve very markedly. She no longer nibbles at her feet and lower front legs, stands up readily when called, leaps into the car and chases tennis balls in the park. Her coat is once again shiny and fresh and she is very active, considering her previous condition. We are delighted with her newfound state of health, and thank you again for your product. Finally, my wife and I are both taking the product daily, and feeling much better for it. Our Shepherd waits eagerly for her daily dose of Syn-flex, which she takes with a small amount of milk.

P. S. Our nephew, Charles Dean, who lives in Adelaide, has recently sent off an order to you, with our recommendation.

Peter and Magdalene
Adelaide, South Australia


My dog Amos is doing very well on Syn-flex. He is a ninety-five pound, eight year old, black labrador. We started the Syn-flex when we were camping in Northern Arizona and he responded almost immediately. Usually we only take him on walks on flat trails; the day after is usually a nightmare, he limps around all day long. Up there we went on some intense hikes, he was feeling great and ready for the next hike. After 3 weeks, he actually was running on our usual flat trail hike. He has not done this for about a year, we are so thankful. I will continue to give him Syn-flex and pass the word along that it is great and effective.
Rachel and Jason Moniz (Amos too!)


I ordered Syn-flex for two older dogs. One is 11 and 1/2 years and the other will be 15 years in
May. The 15 year old is now acting like a pup and is taking the stairs without losing her balance as she did before. She just runs up them like when she was 5 years old. She is also playing with the 6 month old and the 8 month old. Before she was showing her teeth at them if they came bouncing to close. Now she is bouncing with them.
This stuff is great. She will be on this for the rest of her life. Hopefully, because of the Syn-flex my 11 and 1/2 year old will never have a day with pain.

Amy Andres
Modesto, CA


We have seen a noticeable difference in our 8 year old German Shepherd in the first 3 weeks of using your product. Although he still appears slightly stiff after hiking and snowshoeing, it is noticeably less than before we started giving him Syn-flex for pets. We are ordering more and plan to give to our 10-year old Alaskan Malamute as well.
Stephanie Andresen
Golden, CO


I just want to add my name to the list of satisfied customers. Though these results are preliminary, they are nonetheless remarkable.
My 9 year old (105 lb.) German Sheppard has had problems with his shoulder for 2-3 months now, getting progressively worse to where it was difficult for him to go on walks, or even go up the 3 stairs to come into the house. X-Rays taken recently at the vet didn't show any bone problems, and they thought this most likely must be a joint/cartilage problem. They then wanted to do more X-Rays, possibly even surgery. I decided instead to try a glucosamine treatment first, and found your web site. I ordered Syn-flex on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday. It is now 1 week later and he is now walking without a limp, goes up the stairs fine and is going on walks (and running) with no problem!

Thanks for the quick shipment and for an obviously good product! I'll update you again in a few months on his progress.

Brooks Truitt
Greensboro, NC


Hello, my pet is doing really well. She is suffering from a spinal disease not usually found in cats, but of course, she wanted to be an exception! Since she began taking your product, she has had no episodes of paralyzation what so ever. Also, she has no complaints about the apple flavor once it is put on to her food. I must thank you for offering such a wonderful product- after searching all over the internet and local stores, I could not find a product with the same products at such a wonderful price. I would almost call Syn-flex a miracle and highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering or has a pet that is suffering.
Livonia, Michigan


Mollie is like a new dog with Syn-flex! She went from whining and creeping slowly about, to rolling on her back many times a day, trotting up steps and jumping on the couch. She seems pain free and has alight in her eyes we hadn't seen before. You see we adopted Mollie from a shelter the day she was to be put down, She is a 14, almost 15 year old Rat Terrier. He owner didn't want her anymore. She is a doll and is sooooo happy, something I think she thought she would never be again.
Pat and Henrik Larsen and Mollie
Crown Point, IN


I must say I am very happy with the Syn-flex. My Black Lab, Racer, is 7 years old and although he doesn't have hip dysplasia he has slight arthritis in his hips and knees . He fell down a few steps off our deck when he was a pup and the vet thinks this has caused the arthritis. So anyway, since he has been taking Syn-flex I have noticed that he is actually running again. I am so pleased. He may just be able to catch one of the birds he likes to go after! This is the first product that has made a difference in him! Thank you! I will be reordering!
Mount Wolf, PA


My cat is a Siamese, almost 16 years old. Saki has suffered from arthritic legs for several years, but they have become especially bad this last year. He would injure himself easily and limp for days or weeks. Finally, he had stopped playing altogether. Your product made an IMMEDIATE impact. The limp went away, he wants to play again, and he clearly feels better. I cried with joy and relief the first day he brought me a toy wanting to play fetch. He's happy and I'm thrilled. Thank you for Syn-flex!


We have a 5 year old Lab that has been diagnosed with arthritis. We found out about the arthritis after watching her favor her rear leg after playing in the yard and noticing the leg was more swollen. Off to the vet we went, the vet prescribed Rimadyl for a week. She seemed to be doing better until she was playing with our Golden Retriever and started hopping on one of her rear legs. Back to the vet we go and they decided to take x-rays. They found she had a torn tendon in the leg she had been favoring and the beginnings of arthritis in both rear legs. The vet recommended glucosamine and Vitamin C.
I was having a time trying to get both pills down her and knew there had to be another way. That was when I discovered Syn-flex. We noticed a difference right away. She has been on it for a month now and is running all over the yard with no problems at all. She thanks you and so do we. We are Syn-flex lifers!

Fort Myers, Florida


Thank you for your e-mail regarding the progress of my dog, a German Shepherd aged 10 years. She has been taking Syn-flex for the past 3 weeks and we can see a noticeable improvement in her condition -- healthy coat, a nice red tongue and a lot more movement with no obvious signs of pain. I have just reordered 3 more bottles.
Peter G. Dean
Adelaide, Australia


I am giving Syn-flex to my 12 year old pug dog. He was walking around very slowly with his tail down all the time. Pugs always have their tails up unless something is bothering him. I am happy to report that his tail is up most of the time now which in dog language means he is feeling much better.

Thank you very much. this stuff really works. Now I have to get my husband to use it!!!!!

Jane Goldberg and Chop Stick
Boca Raton, Florida


I bought the Syn-flex for my almost 9y/o German Shepherd dog. He is running and playing like he did years ago!! No longer does he look at me and cry as if asking me to make the pain go away. Sometimes he's reluctant to play with the 2 BIG puppies because they jump on his back, but that's usually when the weather is cloudy/raining/snowing. He's a much happier dog, that's for sure!!
Irene Lundquist


After just two days, the difference in our dog is unbelievable. I have insisted that my husband begin taking the supplement as of yesterday. He has joint and arthritis problems also. Even though it is very chilly and damp today, our dog still seems to be improving. Thank you for a natural alternative to help him. I will tell everyone I know about this product!
Mrs. Popejoy
Pottstown, PA


Thanks for your follow-up on my order. I intended to get in touch to tell you that your Product has been nothing short of a miracle potion!!! My 16 year old Shepherd/Husky has been having problems with arthritis in his hips over the past 2 to 3 years and he has been on Glucosamine for about a year. I had been using the tablet form and he did show some signs of improvement
but he still was not the same dog that he was when he was younger. I know that I cannot expect him to be like he was when he was 10 years younger but since he has been on Syn-flex which is only a little over 3 weeks now, he has improved at least 40-50 percent!!!!! In fact after about 1 week on Syn-flex he was already showing signs of improvement!!! My wife is usually not the easiest to impress but she was saying after 1 week how much improvement he has made. I know that the arthritis will never go away completely but he shows absolutely no signs of pain at all. He's not as fast as a 5 year old dog is but I'll bet he can keep up with dogs half his age now!! I will definitely be re-ordering Syn-flex as soon as this supply gets low. I am not one to usually be impressed too easily but I want to say that you can feel free to give my e-mail address to anyone who doubts your product. I would be more than happy to tell the truth on just HOW GREAT A PRODUCT SYN-FLEX IS!!!!! Thanks for giving my 16 Year Old Dog New Life Without Pain!!!!

You can be sure of having a repeat customer here!! As long as our dog is here, we'll be ordering Syn-flex. Hopefully we'll have him for a few more years. I know he's pretty old at 16 but he looks better than he has in the past 3 years so we can only hope that he keeps going strong. Thanks again for Syn-flex, it has definitely given us our old dog back again!!!

John Monzo
Philadelphia, Pa.


My dogs are are doing great!!!!!!!! I have them both on 1/4 ounce a day and it seems to work really well for them. Neither the lab nor the mastiff are limping now. You can really tell the difference in the morning when they first get up- they don't limp even then! Even after a full day of swimming. I will soon be making another order- on my last bottle.
Wendi S. Reeves
Chapin, SC


I just wanted to take a few minutes and let you know my experience with your Syn-flex.

I ordered one bottle just to try it and see if your claims were correct. After that first bottle was empty I still wasn't sure if it was better for my 14 yr old dog than the pill form of glucosamine that I was giving him previously. However, within 5 days I started noticing a big difference in how my dog was walking and feeling. I immediately ordered another bottle and started him on that again. What a difference it has made in his life. He now enjoys going on walks and he can even run a little bit. I am soo happy that my life long companion can enjoy his older years without being in pain.

On another note, my husband has also been taking your product and he states that he does not have the pain in his back that he previously had. He had back surgery two years ago and since then he was taking 600 mg of ibuprofen every day for the pain from the arthritis. With your product he no longer takes the ibuprofen.

Renee Alexander
Lake Ozark, MO


I have an 11yr. old lab. His hips have been getting worse for the last couple of years. He had trouble getting up and laying down and though he loves his daily walk when it was over he had a bad limp in his front leg. I was giving him glucosamine and Rimadyl every day, but he kept getting worse. I have been giving him your Syn-flex for a month now and he no longer limps after his walk and lays down and gets up much easier. He is even able to jump up the step into the house now. I have stopped giving him any kind of pain medication and he is much more active. I can't tell you how happy I am with the results. I have started taking your product myself . I hope we never have to be without it.
Richard Smith
Brookpark, OH


I gave my Freddie this for 4 days and on the 4th day he started rolling over and moving around . He had not done this for 2 months. My vet had him on Rimadyl. He no longer takes it.

Update: My Freddie is doing just GREAT!! 2 months ago I was trying to make the decision to put him to sleep. I couldn't stand to see him in so much pain. Now he acts like he did when I got him 8 years ago. He's happy, playful and acts like there's never been anything wrong with him. He will take this from now on.

Susie Perry
Caruthersville, MO


Dear Activex America,

Of course as you know ... We love our Ansel our Golden very much.

Ansel is a special story .... He was just "on loan" to us as we were "Puppy Raisers" for an organization called CCI .... Perhaps you have heard of them ... They provide help dogs for people wheelchair bound and some with hearing problems .... Anyway ....

Ansel broke his left rear leg at the age of 5 months ... It was a mess .... The vet who was a specialist at his craft managed to get Ansel leg back together with the help of 3 pins and 2 screws .... Of course Ansel now was handicapped himself and could not go on with the CCI Program so he became ours to keep.

Well that over 7 years ago and Ansel just had his 8th birthday. Of course we walk and take Ansel everywhere including down to our local park where Ansel runs and runs. However, his leg has bothered him recently, especially afterwards. This is where Syn-flex has come into the picture.

I am not one much to believe in miracle products but knowing how much pain Ansel was in. I thought why not give Syn-flex a try. I ordered a bottle.

I read the directions and started giving it to Ansel. Without much thinking or looking for any kind of results, I thought to myself, just maybe just maybe it will help Ansel.

Remember a couple paragraphs ago about the walks in the park. Well this was when I first realized how much Syn-flex was helping. You see on the way back from the park we must go up two flights of stairs to get home. The first has 8 steps in it and the second has 14 steps. Ansel always, I mean ALWAYS had to take a step up with his front legs and then drag up his back left leg. Never, I mean NEVER has Ansel gone up those steps any other way. Not until she began taking Syn-flex, that is.

Now Ansel runs up the first flight of stairs and half of the second. She still drags the back left leg up the second half of the second flight but I have only gone through two bottles, and it stands to reason that if I have seen this much improvement from the first two bottles she can only get better.

Thanks again for making Ansel's life better and for a great product!

North Aurora, Illinois


Just wanted to contact you to say thanks for helping Gretel my 10month old Miniature Pinscher, who was having increasing trouble with luxating patellas. She's been on Syn-flex for about 2 months now and is showing a dramatic improvement in ease of movement. The only alternative the vet gave us was an expensive and drastic operation. Gretel is once again moving around the house and yard with her buddy Dot the Jack Russell. Even though Syn-flex costs a little more here is Australia, Gretel is worth it.
Lissa Fisher
Strathpine, Queensland Australia


Thank you SO very much for your Syn-flex product!! It has saved our nine year old beagle from much pain and suffering. We noticed an improvement in his walking within the first week and has not been limping since we started the product. (He has been on it since January.)
However, we REALLY noticed it this past weekend and will never go without giving it to him ever again.

Our brother and sister-in-law were "pet sitting" this past weekend and hadn't been giving him his Syn-Flex very faithfully. By the time we came home, on a very damp, dreary Monday night, poor Getty was limping all over the place! We doubled his dosage and within 48 hours we was as good as new, hopping along and taking his daily walk!

We are sold on your product and thank you for making if so easily available and affordable!

Keep up the great work and thanks again!

Hilary Magaro
Camp Hill, PA


I ordered your product approximately two months ago, but having been through the gamut of "miracle" drugs, I was pessimistic.

My dog, Chewy, is a sweet red Chow who ended up being mine when vet x-rays disclosed that he has severe hip dysplasia in both hips and was therefore considered "un adoptable." I had been fostering him for several months, and I had fallen in love. You've never met a sweeter, more charming dog. I tell people he is the ideal of a dog, everything positive you think of when you think of a dog!

Chewy was suffering terribly from the hip dysplasia, and in November, I was talking to the vet about surgery. To his credit, my vet wanted me to try non-invasive pain control, and we went on the Rimadyl (100 mgs daily) and MSM. Chewy continued to be in pain, to the point where he would cry out whenever he tried to turn over in his sleep. He couldn't walk even a half mile without hurting too much to continue. The Rimadyl seemed a poor fix, only working if I kept it constantly in his system. We went up to 150 mgs daily, with no noticeable improvement.

I have tried every remedy out there, both dog and human. Chewy was taking so much MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin that I had to keep a chart of which pills he got when, just to keep it straight. Still no improvement, and the vet and I agreed to surgery this April.

Just about Christmas time, I ordered your product. I have been giving Chewy 5 cc's of it daily. At first, no results. I wrote it off as one more waste of money, but I kept giving it to him, just in case there was any marginal improvement. I am so glad I did, because after about six weeks, I started to notice that Chewy seemed friskier than I had remembered. I stopped the Rimadyl, and kept up the Syn-flex, to see what would happen. Chewy continued to improve! As of this writing, Chewy goes on two mile walks daily, plays non-stop with his "brother" Riley (a young lab mix who doesn't know the meaning of the word "enough"), and is friskier and more energetic than he has EVER been. He is only 14 months old, but he used to act like an old dog. Now, he acts his age!

Chewy no longer cries in his sleep, and while he can't jump in the truck on his own, he doesn't mind standing up on his hind legs, waiting for me to give him a boost! He never gets the Rimadyl for daily activities anymore. The last one I gave him was after he over-did himself and went for about a five-mile walk. Even then, I gave him the Rimadyl just in case, and not because he was in any obvious pain.

The vet has postponed the surgery, since Chewy seems to be almost completely pain free, and he actually seems to be enjoying his life for a change. I have recommended your product to both a dog-owning friend of mine (who has a lab with arthritis) and a friend whose wife has severe osteoarthritis.

Thank you again for giving Chewy a new chance at a pain-free life. I know surgery may be the only option down the road, but until we face that decision, it is such a relief to be able to see him play and romp. Count me as one of your most satisfied customers, and also a repeat customer!!



When I received the Syn-flex for my German Shepherd, you asked to be updated on his condition. Huvi will be 9 in June and had TPO surgery when he was 16mos old on both hips. Lately he has been showing signs of possible degenerative myolopathy. He takes a ton of supplements all in tablet, capsule form and I was looking for a liquid to replace some of the pills. Syn-flex filled that bill. Huvi has been on 1/4 ounce twice a day for just over 1/2 bottle. He has gone from crying when moving, to literally bouncing around! He is the first one to the door to go out, and runs and jumps with the 2 puppies!! Thank you!
Irene Lundquist - one VERY happy customer!!
Brownfield, Maine


Well, I am very pleased to report that my 10 year old Australian Shepherd is definitely benefiting from Syn-flex!

Jet had gotten to the point where just getting up from a lying down position was a major effort for her. Sitting down on her back haunches was next to impossible. She was obviously in an incredible amount of pain. She was listless and would quietly whine. She really seemed to be going downhill.

I began on May 6 putting the Syn-flex it in her dry food every morning mixed in with tuna or other healthy foods.

The difference is truly remarkable. I see her every day, so although I could tell she was definitely improving, it was hard for me to gauge the extent of her progress. I thought she was doing really well, but second guessed myself. I thought that perhaps I was seeing improvements because I really wanted to see it, not necessarily due to any marked change.

My Dad came over for dinner last night. He hadn't seen her in about 3 weeks. He was absolutely astounded at the difference in her movement, her general energy and attitude in general. I was really glad to have an objective confirmation of my own observations. She is doing so much better and is just a happier, livelier dog.

My stepmother Beth has had terrible arthritis in the joints of her fingers for many years. My Dad read all of the literature on Activex and took a copy of it with him. He is planning to order some for Beth. She looked at the literature and remarked that she had tried something similar before, and of course she has always used glucosamine, but not pharmaceutical glucosamine. She is going to give it a try. I hope to report back in a month or so on her progress.

Hopefully she will experience no side effects, such as developing a bark or an odd compulsion to ride in cars with her face out the window....

I will keep you posted.

Susan J. Roberts
Sacramento, CA


I have been giving 1/4 tsp of Syn-flex to both my 10 year old Chocolate Lab with arthritis, and also my 6 month old St. Bernard with hip dysplasia. I have seen a major improvement in both girls. My lab now runs after rabbits and squirrels again and my St. is finding out just how fun it is to be a puppy. Both dogs can stand up again with little effort whereas before Syn-flex, there were days when my lab would refuse to go outside because it pained her to get up. My St. used to not be able to even attempt to get on our sofa. However, now - it's tricky to figure out how to keep her off! I am firm believer in this product and have recommended it to my dog loving friends and also my grandmother who has severe arthritis.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Heather Grim
Plumsteadville, PA


My cat Calvin, age 12, is doing excellent since starting Syn-flex. Before he started on Syn-flex he would not walk up the stairs and could no longer jump on the couch or the bed. He even had to rest after walking just a short while outside. I was afraid to let him out unsupervised. After about 10 days he was walking better. After 4 weeks, he was walking up the stairs without assistance.

After 6 weeks, he can now jump on the couch and the bed once again. He goes out all the time now and is much happier! I can't believe what a difference Syn-flex has made.

Karen Foley
Newtown, CT


Thank you for your follow up. We have had our dog Champ on Syn-flex since January 12, and after only 5 days we saw a real improvement in his movement, agility and overall demeanor.

Ever since Champ was a pup he LOVED to run and play catch with the ball or a Frisbee. He turned 14 in October of 2001 and for the past couple of years he has been slowing down more and more due to a growing case of arthritis. He has also had a problem with mild hip problems, but only needed a couple days of rest before he was back in tip top shape after an episode.

However, after he turned 12 his love for playing did not subside, but his ability to play the way he used to was slowly going away. In the summer of 2001 we noticed that Champ's arthritis was really acting up and our local vet suggested Ascripton. Even though it appeared to have relieved his pain you could tell that it was temporary.

Then in October Champ was diagnosed with a tumor on his liver. A mass was noticed on his liver in June of 2001 but it was very small. It soon grew large enough that they knew something was wrong.

After reading more about what aspirin can do to the liver I was sure the Ascripton had something to do with his tumor. A few days after his surgery, which was successful at removing the entire cancerous mass, he seemed to be in a lot of pain. The surgeon said it was not due to his surgery but his arthritis. He was having a lot of trouble getting around for a while and they suggested after a couple week period of time to start giving him Ascripton again.

Given his past experience I decided to do some research instead and found Syn-flex. Not knowing if this was the real deal I hesitated buying Syn-flex for a while, then decided to go ahead and order a bottle after his oncology vet (who happens to be part of a major university veterinary school) said the compound was safe for him.

Well, as I said earlier in this letter, after only a few days on the Syn-flex he was back to how he was a few years ago. Every week he seems to be getting stronger and the other day we actually played ball AFTER going on a long walk. Champ seems very happy and youthful again. My wife and I are just amazed!

I know this is a long letter, but our dog means a lot to us and your product has given him a much happier life these days, which is what it's all about when it comes to your pet. Your product is working as you advertised it would and we could not be happier.

I have already told several friends about Syn-flex and even emailed our local vet with a link to your website (by the way, he never acknowledged my email - his loss!!). If you're looking for a local distributor to sell Syn-flex I'd be happy to call on each and every vet in the Chicagoland area and tell them how great this product is. You have a very grateful customer!!

Tom Palenik
Tinely Park, Illinois


Our patient is a 40 lb. 24 year old cocker spaniel. Before Syn-flex, she was on Rimadyl 75 mg once a day for arthritis. She was limping and scared to go down or come up stairs. After using Syn-flex for about 4-5 days, she would bound down two or three steps at a time simply by hand signals (she's deaf). My wife and I both noticed the improvement. I just bought two more bottles of Syn-flex for her.
Silver Spring, Maryland


Day four:
Can Syn-flex really work this fast? Our 200 pound cougar Cindy just started it four days ago and my husband sees an improvement in her walking already!

Day ten:

I can't believe how well this product works! I just watched my cougar actually walk about the cage almost effortlessly & painlessly. I am more than impressed &
could kiss your company's feet for making this product! THANK YOU! I have recommended it out to the list group I am on and I know 2 are ordering it to try due to my testimonial post. I have not seen my baby walk that good in years.

Sebring, Florida


I only ordered one bottle for me and one of my rescue dogs to share. I followed your instructions and doubled my dosage for the first week. The results were incredible. I can open tightly sealed jars again and grasp very thick files at work with one hand and 2 weeks ago, both would have been impossible. Barkli is prancing on our walks and isn't afraid to jump up on the chair because he knows he can do it. Your product is amazing and I'm telling all my friends about it.
Joanne Folkerts
Roselle, Illinois


I have been using this for my German Shepherd, Shaylah, who turned twelve on November 4th. She had been waking up so stiff in the mornings that she would come out on her elbows, crying out in pain. I've used many other medications, to no avail. This stuff is amazing! She's so much better, it's unbelievable. Today she was out running with my five grandchildren. A month ago, I was worried that she might not be with us much longer due to her arthritis.
Thank you so much!

Duarte, California

I have also used Syn-flex for my dog. I put our dog on it since she is 7 yrs., and was getting reluctant about jumping in the car. Now she flies into the back seat!

Fort Collins, Colorado

We are using Syn-flex on our dog and she is doing very well on it. We were
using another joint supplement on her, but the Syn-flex seems to be doing more for her. She's a 15 year old Bernise Mountain dog mix with severe arthritis. She can't bend her back legs much, and carries most of her weight on her front legs, but she still chases squirrels and does not seem to be in any pain thanks to Syn-flex.

Poteau, Oklahoma

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